Experiences in family-running farms

We bring you an authentic farm experience, where you will learn how catalan farmers live. You will be able to discover how a normal day in a farm is, how local farmers produce milk, cheese, cold meats, etc., and how they have been working for years in their family-running farmhouse and their land, taking care of their cows, sheep, goats, chickens...

Price: from € 10 per person


Shepherd for a day

Live unique experiences guided by artisan cheese producers and sheep shepherds... Know about their project, where and how they work and visit their corral, where their animals graze... In addition, you can taste their homemade and local products.

If you want a more "Feel by Doing" experience, we recommend you to do a wool or "mató" workshop, make handmade milk soap... Or spend a day with an authentic shepherd and his/her sheep, walking through the countryside.

Price: from € 25 per person


Kayak activity with your dog

Because dog lovers always look for outdoor plans to enjoy with them!

For this reason, we have organized another activity to spend a fantastic day together with our 4-legged best friends, doing a kayak activity in Llosa del Cavall swamp.

Price: € 25 per person and dog


Visit a pigs farm in "La Garrotxa"

This experience is designed for the whole family, where children and adults can see how a family-running farm works and how their pigs live in the middle of nature.

Includes: A walk into the forest to meet the protagonists of this experience: the pigs; learn about the local farmers' project, taste local products and enjoy a tasty homemade breakfast

Price: € 7 (shared visit) / from € 15 (private visits)


Craft ice cream for humans and dogs

If you love ice creams and dogs, when summer comes, can you imagine a better plan than eating an ice cream with them?

Visit an ice cream shop, where they make organic and homemade ice creams, learn how they do them and taste a selection of the best flavors... and your dog, too.

Price: from € 10 per person and dog


Wine tasting for humans, dogs or cats

For wine lovers... Can you imagine a better plan than sharing a glass of wine with your best friend?

This tasting activity includes wine in an ecological winery, wine adapted for dogs and cats (without alcohol) and gastronomic tasting.

Price: from € 30 per person and dog / cat


Visit a goat farm and do “mató” (catalan cheese)

Spend a day surrounded by goats and other animals at a local farm in the Maresme area. You will meet the two young shepherds who, following the family business, take care of their goats and produce artisan cheeses.

During the visit, in addition, you will create your own "mató" (catalan fresh cheese) and/or taste some local wine.

Price: from € 15 per person

cata cervezas perros

Beer tasting for humans and dogs

If dogs are men's best friend... why not going out for some beers with them?

This tasting activity includes craft and ecological beers for humans, adapted beers for dogs (without alcohol) and human and canine gastronomic tasting.

Price: from € 23 per person and dog