Responsible and sustainable tourism

Tourism is considered as a driving force for economical development, due to its capacity to generate employment and its multiplier effect, bringing benefits not only in the tourism industry, but also in other related ones.

Currently, the nowadays tourism reality is highlighted by a mass tourism model with a certain carelesness for the native people working conditions, where big companies are the ones getting more profits, transforming the local culture into goods and forgetting to take care of the environment and ecosystems conservation. 

According to this situation, we must begin to promote more sustainable and fair practices focused on avoiding the consequences issued by this dominant tourism model... We are talking about a more responsible tourism with the local economy and the environment.

Responsible and sustainable tourism takes into consideration principles of social and economic justice, always respecting the environment and local cultures, recognising the important role from the local host community and their right to be protagonists in the sustainable development of their own territory.