consumo etico

Sustainable experiences

- Ethical shopping tour through Gracia district

- Sustainable fashion workshop

- Natural cosmetics workshop

Price: from € 34


“Nendo-Dango” sustainable workshop

"Nendo-Dango" is a Japanese method for natural reforestation with the aim of stopping desertification.

This activity is about creating small balls of clay with water, mixing them with different native trees and varied plants seeds, as well as with natural fertilizer. To grow them up, you just need to scatter them.

Price: from € 9


Gastronomy and local products experiences 

- Eco-tapas tour in Barcelona

- Cooking workshop and local tastings

Price: from € 30


Experiences with real fishermen in Barceloneta

Learn about the traditional fishing in Barceloneta, how the port works, about boats differences, participate in the fish auction...

Includes: Visit to the local fishermen port
Discover the traditional fishing, moorings, boats...
Participate on the fish auction
Finish the visit with a glass of cava

Price: from € 29

Cata cerveza

Craft and ecological beer tasting

Craft and ecological beer tasting at a local brewery in Poblenou district

Includes: visit to the brewery, explanation from a beer expert, 4 beers and cheese tasting 

Price: from € 15