Visit to ecological and biodynamic wineries

Catalunya offers a huge possibility for discovering and tasting excellent local wines. Visiting wineries and ecological and family-running farms will be simply unforgettable.

- Visit to a winery and organic wine tasting

- Bike, sewgay or 4WD tour through the vineyards

- Learn about the process of sustainable wine-making

- Picnic, brunch or lunch between vineyards

- Wine & local products tasting (catalan sausages, artisan cheeses ...)

- Grapes collectiong and harvesting, harvesting walks...

- Natural wines tasting

Price: from € 14 per person


Create your own bottle of cava

Discover the secrets of "cava" (catalan sparkling wine), its flavors, textures and production process... together with young cava experts by taking part of a different and fun activity.

It includes:

- Visit to a farmhouse / winery

- Tasting of 3 different types of cava

- "Create your own cava" workshop, where you will choose your favorite type of cava and participate manually in a bottle's disgorgement process, label it and take it home with you.

Price: from € 42 per person


Dry-stone huts between vineyards

Live a unique wine tourism experience, mixing tradition and nature inside a dry-stone hut.

This pioneering initiative reclaims the constructions used by the Penedès farmers from the XVIII century, adapted to the present time, with a 100% sustainable philosophy and responsible with the environment.

We propose different options:

1. Experience as a wine-maker. Price: € 20

2. Hiking among vineyards and huts. Price: € 30

3. Fly with ultralight. Price: from € 60

4. Spend one night in a hut with wine tasting and breakfast. Price: € 150

5. Spend one night in a hut with wine tasting, lunch and dinner. Price: € 230

Prices per person and minimum of 2 people


Catalan gastronomy activities

The gastronomy gives us a lot of information about a destination, you can discover its character, history and culture according to what kind of dishes they cook or how and when they cook them...

Seasonal dishes are a good example: the "calçots", the "escudella", catalan sausages and the essential sauce "alioli"... Learning to cook them in a funny and entertaining way in the workshops that we offer, can give you many clues about why we are like we are in Catalonia.

We invite you to discover, in a sustainable way, the Catalan cuisine:

- Local products tasting

- Km0 and fresh products culinary workshops

- Local and typical Catalan gastronomy workshops

- Seasonal cuisine

Price: from € 30 per person

oil tourism

Experiences among olive trees

Olive oil is essential in the Mediterranean diet. In Catalonia, we have incredible regions where, apart from millenary landscapes, offer high quality oils.

In Feel by Doing, we have selected some experiences for you to discover the hidden secrets from the olive groves and the flavors and textures of its organic olive oil:

- Guided visits to millenary olive groves to meet their local producers and taste some organic oils

- Guided visits to oil mills including oil and local products tasting

- Walking tours among olive trees, oil tasting and breakfast or lunch

…and much more

Price: from € 12 per person


Wine-tasting bike tour

Discover all the secrets of making wine and cava with this intimate bike tour. Stroll around the most beautiful wine routes of Penedès with a wonderful view of Montserrat. Visit an authentic family-owned winery and taste exquisite organic wines and cavas!

Price: from € 20 (self-guided) / from € 49€ (expert guide)