Catalan gastronomy activities

The gastronomy gives us a lot of information about a destination, you can discover its character, history and culture according to what kind of dishes they cook or how and when they cook them...

Seasonal dishes are a good example: the "calçots", the "escudella", catalan sausages and the essential sauce "alioli"... Learning to cook them in a funny and entertaining way in the workshops that we offer, can give you many clues about why we are like we are in Catalonia.

We invite you to discover, in a sustainable way, the Catalan cuisine:

• Local products tasting

(cheeses, sausages, organic vegetables, etc.)

• Km0 and fresh products culinary workshops

• Local and typical Catalan gastronomy workshops

• Ecological "tapas"

• Seasonal cuisine

Price: from € 30


Visit to ecological and biodynamic wineries

Catalunya offers a huge possibility for discovering and tasting excellent local wines. Visiting wineries and ecological and family-running farms will be simply unforgettable.

• Participate in the grapes collection during the harvest season

• Bike tour through the vineyards

• Learn about the process of sustainable wine-making

• Create your own cava

• Organic wine tasting

• Wine & local products tasting (sausages, cheeses ...)

Price: from € 12