Natural reforestation walk with local appetizer

"There is no wifi in the forest, but you will find a better connection"

Visit the Collserola Natural Park with one main objective: contributing to rebuild natural habitats and ecosystems by a natural reforestation process and enjoy an appetizer with local products to boost the local economy

- "Seed bombs" workshop given by a social and environmental project
- Guided reforestation walk
- Appetizer with local products

Price: from € 25 per person


Eco-cultural safari in Ebro Delta

Discover the most authentic Ebro Delta!

Visit the area of the Ebro Delta to learn about the autochthonous fauna, learn how to reap rice nowadays and how it was done before, visit local producers and the area of the natural park...

Optional: lunch in a local restaurant

Minimun 2 people

Price: from € 30 per person


Discover the secrets of Ebro Delta

Ebro Delta is magical... Salt, traditional fishing and bird watching are the 3 protagonists from this experience, where you will discover amazing natural places that give value to the territory and its biodiversity.

Price: € 10 adults and € 5 children (guided tour) / € 8 adults and € 4 children (visit for free)


Visit an organic vegetable garden from the "Baix Llobregat"

Visit a local producer of the “Baix Llobregat” Agrarian Park and meet the owners, learn about farmers lifestyle, how seasonal organic vegetables and fruits are grown... and jump into the garden to learn how to collect them by yourself!

With this experience, you will contribute to develop the local economy by helping small producers and promote responsible consumption.

Price: from € 10 per person


Forest bathing

During a forest bath, we visit natural environmental quality places to get in contact with the volatile particles of the trees and plants. This natural therapy ables to reinforce our defenses to fight against all kind of diseases, strengthen the organism and combat mental fatigue and stress, depression and anxiety, irritability, migraines and insomnia...

The activity includes an expert guide and it is guaranteed from 2 people

Price: from € 30 per person


0-km route through the Llobregat Delta

We recommend a family activity to put into practice the 5 senses... A local guide will guide you on a bike tour along the paths of the "Parc Agrari del Baix Llobregat". There, you will discover and taste local and seasonal products from the garden of an authentic catalan farmer! Furthermore, you will visit a local market.

Includes: bicycle, helmet, map, accident insurance and a soft drink.

Price: € 15 per person / € 10 under 4 years


Beekeeping activities

Bees are very important in our ecosystem; not only because of the honey production, but also for the plants pollination. Do you want to know more about them?

We recommend you some experiences:

- Bee botanical route with “tapas with honey” and beer/wine tasting. Price: € 15

- Beekeeper for a day. Price: € 25

- Beekeeper activity, guided tour and workshop (honey tasting or activity with wax). Price: € 28

Price per person

perfume natural

Collect and create your own natural perfume

Walking tour to "capture" the landscape. During the route, we will collect some aromatic plants. With them, we will have the chance to create a unique and exclusive natural perfume. While the collected plants are being distilled, we'll enjoy some organic wine and taste great local products

Optional: lunch in the middle of nature

Price: from € 20 per person

eco picnic

Nature trails with Eco-picnic

Discover guided routes through different natural areas in Catalonia. An expert guide will guide you into the nature, where you will learn about native and aromatic plants, to interpret what the forests can offer us, etc. In addition, you will enjoy a picnic with local products.

Price: from € 45 per person