Experiences with fishermen

Learn about the traditional fishing, how the port works, about boats differences, participate in the fish auction, go fishing with local fishermen... Visit a local fishermen port and discover the traditional fishing, moorings, boats... Participate on the fish auction and finish the visit with some local products tasting

Activity in Barcelona, Costa Brava and Ebro Delta

Available from monday to friday

Price: from € 20 per person


Sailing with anchovy tasting

4-hours boat trip from the port of L'Escala, technical explanation about how a sailboat works and anchovies tasting on board with a glass of cava or wine

Price: from € 40 per person


Sailing with Palamós prawns tasting

Prawns from “Palamós” are famous for their quality and because they are delicious...

Enjoy a boat trip through the catalan coast and taste fresh prawns on board and a glass of wine... Can you think about a better combination?

Available from monday to friday

Price: from € 50 per person


Eco-kayak activities

Guided kayak tours to discover natural secrets from Catalonia.

This activity can be combined with wine tasting, ecological picnic, marine tapas, ornithological tourism, snorkeling, fishing tourism, geotourism...

Price: from € 25 per person


Sailing with “garoines” tasting

From January to March is time for, as Catalan people say, the "garoines", "garotes" or simply "sea urchins"... Salvador Dalí had no doubt about it, they are delicious! Have you ever tried them?

We offer a unique experience, where you will go on a boat trip through the Costa Brava and taste some freshly “garoines” with bread, catalan sausage and wine, as it was traditionally done.

Available from january to march

Price: from € 30 per person


Mussels and oysters in Ebro Delta

Visit a "mussel farm" in the Ebro Delta bay. Learn about the history and present of the cultivation of these exquisite and typical gastronomic jewels of the south of Catalonia.

Learn about the production process from the mussels and oysters, and taste them marinated together with local wine and “cava” (sparkling wine) from the region.

Price: from € 25 per person / € 42 with lunch