Grape harvest activities

During the harvest time, many wineries in Catalonia offer a lot of activities...

- Collect the grapes and participate in the production process as it used to be done... stepping on it

- Must tasting: visit a local winery, its vineyards and the storage area where they ferment. You will taste different types of musts, know their varieties, tastes and smells and differentiate which ones are destined to the wine and which ones to the cava.

- Grape tasting between vineyards: walk through the winery to taste the grape varieties directly from the vineyards where they grow.

Price: from € 25 per person


Smugglers' route in snowshoes

The smugglers had to avoid many adverse situations during their march: the bunkers along the border, the Spanish soldiers, the civil guard and, once in France, the gendarmes.

We propose you to follow these old paths with snowshoes in order to imagine what were the strategies followed with the aim of reaching their destination.

Includes: Mountain guide, technical material, accident insurance

Price: from € 80 per person


Visit a strawberries patch in Maresme region

Visit a local strawberry producer, learn about his project and the strawberries production world in "El Maresme", where it is very popular.

During the visit, you will be able to walk into the patch and collect your own strawberries. Afterwards, you will taste them and bring the collected strawberries home.

Price: from € 10 per person


Fishermen and sea urchins

Guided by a marine biologist and a local fisherman, we will discover the sea and gastronomic secrets of the coastal town of "L'Escala", while helping a local conservation project from Costa Brava.

The experience begins at the fishermen's port with a guided visit to its facilities and finishes at the beach, tasting fresh sea urchins.

Price: € 150 per person (very exclusive experience)


Mushrooms hunting

Catalonia is land of mushrooms and can practically be found in all the regions... Knowing which ones are eatable and which ones are not is not easy, and even dangerous if you don't know about it...

We offer you a guided tour into the nature with a mushrooms' expert, who will help you to discover and understand the properties of all mushrooms, curiosities, culinary uses, etc. Once the basket is full, why not cooking a tasty recipe? Also, you will take them home with you.

Price: from € 30 per person


Find and build your own "cagatió"

An original and fun Christmas experience for kids.

Based on a story that will be explained upon arrival, the youngests should be able to look for different parts of the "cagatió" (a catalan christmas character) in the forest. Once they'll find the parts, they must build it following some games. At the end, to remember this special day, they will receive a personalized diploma and take the "cagatió" home.

Price: from € 30 per person


Chestnuts experience

When is chestnuts time…!

Autumn is perfect for hiking... this is why in Feel by Doing we always love to offer you something else!

We propose you a day trip to the Montseny Natural Park, where you will collect chestnuts and discover a chestnut recovery project that also promotes sustainable and local production.

The activity includes a guided visit and local artisan products tasting.

Price: from € 10 per person


Guided routes in snowshoes

Discover Catalonia painted in white. We offer guided tours to discover incredible places in the middle of nature during the winter months.

It includes:

- Specialized guide

- Accident insurance

- Necessary material for the activity

Duration: 3 hours and a half

This activity can also be done with dogs

Price: from € 35 per person


"Calçotada" (grilled onions barbecue)

Calçots are seasonal vegetables similar to leeks or spring onions. The best way to try them is by cooking them on a barbecue accompanied by Romesco sauce, local wine and a group of friends.

In Feel by Doing, we propose...

For example:

- Calçotada with language exchange: perfect to practice a language, meet new people, share and get to know about the Catalan gastronomy...

- Collect your own calçots in an organic garden and enjoy them in a delicious outdoors calçotada or in a local restaurant.

Price: from € 32 per person


Truffles hunting activities

Black truffles are considered a unique and exquisite food that arouses passions, and also not easy to find...

In Feel by Doing, we want to help you to find them with a very particular experience. Maybe, you've hunted mushrooms, but what about truffles?

We propose... A day trip into the nature to discover the process of extracting truffles with a guide and his dog, both experts in truffle hunting, and also, some truffles and wine tasting.

Optional: breakfast, lunch and lodging can be included

Price: from € 35 per person