Ecological farming and beekeeping with social impact

Visit a local farmhouse and live an experience with social and environmental impact, by helping a local foundation that offers training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. These jobs are related to ecological and sustainable farming, as well as beekeeping...

Includes: Visit to a local farm, beekeeping activity and local products tasting.

Price: from € 30 per person


Visit a primate recovery center

Meet a rehabilitation foundation of primates who have been circus and television artists, advertising models or even pets... with the aim of helping them in their recovery after the abuse suffered and fighting for their welfare in a natural environment.

Would you like to contribute in this cause? We propose a visit to discover this project in order to learn about and be aware of the problems suffered by these primates, as we believe that the best way to solve them is through raising awareness about the need to protect the environment and our closest evolutionary relatives.

Price: from € 6 per person


Discover a "sepia & cuttlefish breeding center" in Costa Brava

Unique experience to learn about a Mediterranean sea life conservation project, helping to develop local economy and promoting sustainable and local tourism.

Visit the fishermen's port, discover a local conservation project, meet local fishermen and taste some fresh local and seasonal products.

If the sea is calm, you can snorkel to visit the natural marine breeding center.

Activity from June to August

Price: from € 50 per person


A day between free horses

Visit a foundation responsible for caring and recovering abused or abandoned animals, offering them a greater well-being free life... You will walk through a natural park to find the horses, walk together with them and learn about ethology.

This visit can be combined with local lunch or picnic.

Price: from € 35 per person